Hungary   June 18, 1974       21st Olympiad, Nice   and   50th Anniversary of FIDE


114.  Woodcut from the Italian book Libro di giuocho di scacchi
printed by Antonio Miscomini in 1493


Original art work:




This illustration is the frontispiece from a book printed by Antonio Miscomini in Florence in 1493. The text of Miscomini's book is a translation into Italian of the Latin work ‘De Moribus Hominum et de Officiis Nobilium Super Ludo Scaccorum’ (c1300) by Jacobus de Cessolis (c1250 - c1322).

Note that the woodcut is from Miscomini c1493 - not from the original work in Latin by de Cessolis c1300.


Wilkinson, Charles K. (1943), A Thirteenth-Century Morality, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, New Series, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Summer, 1943), pp. 47-55.